I see creation when I walk among the trees in a moss covered forest. The air thick with mist, the ground damp with dew. The trees ache and groan as they sway with wind, enticing you to take a step further and lose yourself in their song. Insects, furry creatures, and dangerous predators call this place their home. I see creation in this, for this setting is no accident. This was a design with a creator. This was not a burst nor a bang, but a carefully thought out masterpiece.

I hear God when the ocean waves crash upon their sandy shores, erasing their past and carving their future. Sea life beckons you with their various calls. Perhaps you catch a pod of dolphins passing by, or a herd of sea lions flopping on the sands. The shells burrow beneath the weight of the water, digging their tiny caves to shy away from prying hands. The waves’ thunderous applause serves as a reminder that this was no mistake, this was indeed intentional. You are here by design, an architect’s plan. The waves roll in to erase His mistakes.

I feel the gods when in the midst of a raging storm. The surge of power, the crackling of lightning as it splits the night sky in two. It is Thor striking his hammer, reminding those of why he is feared. I do not fear it, I embrace it. The power pricks at my skin and makes the hairs stand on end, recharging what was lost in battles yet fought. I feel the Allfather, Odin, and his gaze as death ensues. Those who survive were meant to, and those that did not will greet him in Valhalla. That is the way it was written, and that is the way it shall be. The other gods that have watched over you since birth will be there to welcome you, a long overdue gathering. This is by design.

I can taste karma with its bittersweet notes of revenge. The emotions experienced come in a variety of flavors. Anger tastes like fire. Depression like Novocaine. Regret leaves blood-soaked twinges on the tongue. Karma, whether bought into or not, will handle whatever business your god did not. If somebody hurt you, if something was done to you, if the scales are improperly balanced; do not fret, for they will be aligned once more. This is all part of a plan.

I see the point when the beauty surrounds me. The gods, God, fate, whatever it is or perhaps all combined. When you stand in nature and it envelops you to the point of enchantment. When you breathe the fresh air after it has just finished raining. When you see a sunset settle just over the Pacific Ocean for the first time, or even for the 100th time. When you smell a fragrance that transports you to a time 20 years ago. When you can feel and absorb the energy radiating off of another being that is close to you. When you can just taste what life is supposed to be.

That. That is creation. That is God. Those are the gods. That is fate. That is karma. That is destiny. This is by design.

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