Do You Remember?

Do you remember when you loved me once? I do, but I fear you have forgotten. Let me remind you of what was once there, of the luxury I once possessed.

In your eyes is my soul. You trapped it in those pools of iris, those shallow depths that rocked me in tidal waves. The salty tears provided comfort, the warmth was an embrace.

Your treacherous creatures barricaded my escape from the lagoon, tentacles dragging me down to the black depths you called home. Soon it became my home, for I was down there so long I had forgotten how to swim. Did I ever want to escape? No, I think not. Letting the weight of the water crush me was always far easier than attempting to swim back to the light. You can spend so long in darkness that your mind will convince you the light never existed.

My soul is still there in the depths we called home, but the love you had for me is gone. Do you remember me at all? The soul is still trapped, my love. It belongs to you, it always did. Let it sink beneath the weight of abandoned memories, and set your gaze upon a new soul to harbor.

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